We are one of the few companies who provide product development as a service. We leverage mobile, web, data engineering, cloud, open source, our processes and our attitude for accelerated development and delivery. We build Applications and Products to specifications.

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Today’s businesses are increasingly becoming highly competitive. A bright idea, strong strategy and in depth marketing knowledge may still not bring the required results unless organizations pay attention to high development quality and innovative development practices.Some of the key advantageous.
Free up your valuable time for core activities

Partnering with Innoventes for product development helps independent software vendors (ISVs), as well as software product development organizations including startups in freeing their valuable human knowledge capital from development and concentrating on their core activities.

Edge over the competition

Partnering with Innoventes for product development helps clients in leveraging our development capabilities across different technologies to take new product ideas to newer heights. When a client works with Innoventes they get new thoughts, improvement suggestions, development skills and expertise along with the confidence to shine as a potential leader in their respective segment. Also while doing so time to market is reduced to a great extent and the clients get an edge over their competition.

Take advantage of volatile nature of technology and software skills

As an independent software vendor or software product company, the client is interested in shorter development and testing life cycles which directly affects time to market, reducing software development and support costs and enhancing product functionality in order to generate greater value to your customers.But volatile nature of technology and software skills poses a limit to it. But the same volatile nature of technology, skills and methodologies can be converted into an advantage by Partnering with Innoventes for product development.

Innoventes utilizes its product development expertise and product development and engineering frameworks to provide end-to-end product development services. We offer specialized product development services as well as end-to-end product development services based on client needs.

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Technology Partner for Startups
New product design and development
Feature enhancement
Product platform migration
Software product testing
Product packaging for distribution
Product release and license management
Product Help Desk Support services
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Engagement Models

Depending upon your specific requirements, you may opt for any one or suggest the model that suits you the best.
Virtual Team / Offshore Development Model

This model works well for long-term strategic outsourcing, specifically if you are a product company. This way you get to work with the same set of resources over time resulting in increased cost saving.

Joint Development for BOT

We could build your product engineering team, operate the team for 6-12 months period and transfer the entire team to you. This is like you leave the engineering to us while building the crucial part of business and take over it from us as your team.

Fixed Cost Development Model

If you have well-defined requirements, we can offer you a fixed cost solution. This eliminates the uncertainties of development cost and helps in planning your project budget in advance. This is best suited for clients with complete project specifications in place. In case you do not already have well defined requirements, we can first assess your requirements on a Time and Material basis and then offer you a fixed cost solution.

Time and Material Model

This model fits well for small projects with fluid requirement.

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Our Processes ensure we deliver on time, every time

Continuous Integration

We believe in cycle of quick development, gathering feedback and iterative improvement.

Business Continuity

We ensure business processes continue to run smoothly from discovery to completion of a project.

Vertically Integrated

We take care of everything from design, development to deployment. Once product, one integrated team.

Leveraging Solutions

We leverage our existing products as well as open source to the maximum to deliver highest ROI in shortest possible amount of time.

Performance and Analytics

You need to measure it to improve it. We are big on performance. Faster and better performing products is a big competitive advantage.

Distributed Development Teams

Whether people are in india, in US or in China, our processes make sure that communication happens and we deliver on time, every time.

Fixed Cost & Duration

We estimate upfront and execute the project for a fixed cost within agreed upon timeline. The risk is ours to manage.

Minimum Viable Product

Several of our projects start as MVPs. We do a 6-8 weeks MVP to identify and develop the core solution which can be launched for gathering feedback.

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Innoventes is a customer focused and technology-driven company providing product engineering and enterprise software/application development services that help clients in crafting holistic value for their software development efforts.

We are passionate about technology and applying it to make our customers products better and deliver overall value. Our passion for what we do flows through each member of our organization and it plays an important role in the way we perform business.

Welcome To Innoventes

At Innoventes, we're a colorful bunch, a mixed bag of marketing professionals, creative minds and dedicated technologists. Our team is eclectic, experienced and creative. We have the quintessential geeks; mathematicians-turned-programmers, coders-cum-chefs, engineers who are closet musicians- the hardcore technology lovers who make things work. We also have the creative infogeeks; marketing and sales guys who are into photography or programming, writers-cum-webwatchers, designers-cum-aspiring-artists – people who devour analytics, tech trends and creative media with a passion. Together, our marketing, creative and technical teams support each other on every front to create LoungeCommerce. Each of our team member is constantly on their toes, finding newer ways to help our customers do their jobs better, faster and more accurately. We are an agile, adaptable and highly competitive team that's used to working as a cohesive unit, supporting each others' strengths and weaknesses, and getting the job done to perfection. We truly enjoy our work and each others' company. Even when we're arguing passionately over work, we remember to have fun.

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Life In Innoventes

Fun. Inclusive. Entrepreneurial. Life is a little different at Innoventes, and our employees feel the difference; You define your career path. We give you the tools to do it, from training and mentorship to professional development resources and pet project opportunities We work hard, recognize achievements, and celebrate our successes (often in legendary fashion).

Work Environment

We like to think that our workplace doesn't define us, that we define it and carry it wherever we go- to coffee shops, the terrace or anywhere we chose to work from. Our workplace is not a warzone. It's a place where we go to meet people we genuinely like, respect and enjoy working with. It's a place for friends to brainstorm and get things done.

Our Work Culture

At Innoventes, we shun the herd mentality. We stand out from the crowd because we don't think conventionally. We're a bit different. The right kind of different.

What makes us different from other workplaces?

  • We aspire to grow, but not at the cost of quality.
  • Designations outline responsibilities, not authority.
  • We don't believe in hierarchy. We believe in total freedom.That's how we innovate.

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Ramanan Ramakrishnan
Founder & CEO

Our CEO is a second time entrepreneur who has worked with Oracle, Valtech and Dun & Bradstreet in the past. He was driving Customer acquisition and Project Delivery in his first start-up seeconsulting.com, a consulting firm helping companies adopting e-economy. Ramanan is a dreamer and an optimist, adept at solving complex business problems using technology. He is a man of instant action who gets the ball rolling. He is a creative leader whose out-of-the-box thinking often saves the day.

Raghuram Bharathan
SVP - Engineering & Co-founder

An IT professional with over two decades of experience, Raghuram is a natural thought-leader who inspires his team into creative action. He has worked with Fortune 500 companies like HP, ThoughtWorks, NDS (now Cisco) and Symphony Services.With his great people skills, Raghuram is a wonderful communicator and listener but his technical prowess is what sets him apart and makes him an innovator par excellence. He has also authored Apache Maven Cookbook

Mike Nejad
SVP Marketing
Sales & Business Developemnt-US & Canada

Mike Nejad has over 25 years of experience in marketing, strategy, development (SDLC), and consulting of ERP, CRM, PLM manufacturing, supply chain, aftermarket sales and services, software integrations, composite applications, and eCommerce solutions and services. He has held senior positions at: Vitria Technology, Accordus, MATRAnet, KPMG (BearingPoint), Hitachi, Oracle Corporation, Computer Associates, NTT Data and DEC. Mike Nejad is a seasoned executive with expertise in various industries such as Industrial, High-Tech, Retail, A&D, Auto, and Life Sciences. He takes care of North American Sales and Business Development.

Umasuthan Ramakrishnan
VP Technology Innovations and Talent Grooming

Umasuthan has a strong technical background with twenty years of experience in the IT industry. In his career with IBM, he has in-depth knowledge of not just various IBM products, but also domains like Master Data Management, Machine Learning and Enterprise Applications. He works with the customers of Innoventes in various capacities, including, prioritizing requirements drawing up technical specifications and leading team technically. He has a number of patents in his name

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Sridhar Ranganathan

Sridhar has worked in tech, marketing, project management and in corporate development over his career. He brings over a decade's worth of product strategy and management experience to the Company. His knowledge of enterprise products, online consumer products, mobile advertising and monetization products is invaluable to Innoventes, as is his deep understanding of User Experience design and technology.


A dreamer, thinker and technologist, Baskar has spent over two decades building technology companies. He is currently the Co-founder of Amagi. Before that he was the CTO and Co-founder of ImpulseSoft Architects which was acquired by SiRF. Baskar's insights and former experiences make him the perfect advisor for a creative technology start-up like Innoventes.

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Our Addresses

Corporate Office

Prestige Techno Star,
Level 8, Buidling 3,
Dodanekundi Industrial Area 2, Phase 1,
Bangalore 560048 Karnataka, India

P: +91 80 6862 8915
Development Center

Beginest Harbor 4
464, Krishna Temple Road,
Indira Nagar 1st Stage,
Bangalore 560038 Karnataka, India


4212 Saddle Ridge Tri
Flower Mound TX 75028

P: +1 (940) 448-0047

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