Dedicated Development Centre [DDC]

Your dedicated IT delivery arm

We are not just focused on delivering the best possible IT solutions, we also help you with our exceptionally competent IT talent delivery arm.

Whether you are focused on growing your business, exploring new geographies or in an urgent need to launch your product to market, balancing software development teams alongside core business activities can be quite taxing.

Our dedicated development services allows you to focus on your business while giving you visibility to take strategic calls. You get the flexibility to reconfigure the team to your business needs, handle unexpected challenges with ease while realizing cost savings.

Dedicated Development Centre [DDC]

We do all the heavy lifting. You’re free to focus on what you do best.

  • DDC as Build
  • Operate and Transfer [BOT]
  • Build and Operate [BO]

We offer a convenient and risk-free means to fill your organisation’s resource needs and scale your workforce accordingly.