Ramanan Ramakrishnan

Founder & CEO

Ramanan Ramakrishnan (Ram) is the Chief Executive Officer of Innoventes, responsible for strategy, direction, new client acquisitions and entry into new markets. His vision for Innoventes is that it becomes the first port-of-call for all things – technology and people, for his customers. His ability to spot trends ahead of the market, influence others and steer his customers comfortably through their technology journey is remarkable.

Ramanan has extensive experience in the software technology industry both in multi-national product companies (Oracle, Valtech and Dun & Bradstreet) where he has held leadership roles with and also as an entrepreneur in the tech industry. A creative leader, he is quick to act, whether it is getting a MVP created or reaching out to a prospect. He is an eternal optimist and is adept at identifying the right people for any job. A serious bibliophile, Ram can hold his ground on any topic, be it business, technology, philosophy or mythology.

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